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About Our University

SKIPS University:

The Top University in Ahmedabad

Today, SKIPS University has become one of the most preferred destinations for higher education in Ahmedabad. The St. Kabir Educational Group has been transforming and redefining the standards of higher education in Ahmedabad since 1985. In its journey of almost four decades, the St. Kabir Group has grown from a school to one of the top Universities in Ahmedabad. The experience, determination and academic acumen of our organization and its key leaders are second to none in Ahmedabad.

Our goal is to comprehensively revolutionize higher education by moving away from a sole focus on profit maximization towards a more accountable approach to education.

Why Choose SKIPS University?

Experienced Faculty

Our well-versed and distinguished faculty has experience in both academics and industry. Faculty members at SKIPS University provide students with a value-oriented educational experience. Our faculty members are renowned researchers in their respective fields and actively participate in research publications and have many national and international research papers in their academic portfolios.

Top Placements

Placements are deciding factors that impact a student’s career path and future. Our students are hired at premium packages and get more offers from the corporate world than any other university students. Our emphasis on academic standards along with employability skills has propelled us towards our goals of quality placements. Our industry tie-ups and extensive corporate engagement fetch the best opportunities for our students.

Robust Infrastructure

Innovative learning and creative abilities can develop only in a stress-free and comfortable learning environment. Students stay for long hours at their campus and therefore providing them with optimal infrastructure and quality amenities is our top priority. We provide students with a robust infrastructure that not only takes care of ergonomics but also is second to none when it comes to aesthetics.

Modern Teaching Pedagogies

At SKIPS University, students are instructed using modern teaching pedagogies including methods of micro-learning, blended learning, gamification and e-learning. We strive to provide an experiential learning environment with personalized learning that caters to individual students’ learning curves. Our faculty members believe in a student-centric learning environment that focuses on their all-around growth.

Vibrant Learning Environment

Our faculty ensures students are taught in an environment that cultivates and nurtures their cognitive abilities. Academic integrity, time management and focus on students’ active participation are core pillars to build vibrant learning environments. From classroom design to teaching methodologies, SKIPS University deploys practical strategies to keep learning vibrant and relevant for our students.

Diverse Community

Multiculturalism at its core, SKIPS University has embraced inclusion and diversity with its students coming from different strata of society. We teach students to respect different viewpoints and help them inculcate values that make them better global citizens. We eliminate the scope for any discrimination or prejudiced attitude towards anyone and all students and faculties are part of a single and united entity.

Our Focus

360-degree Growth of Students

Modern teaching pedagogies, learning management systems, and focus on outcome-based learning where Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude, all aspects of learning are given equal attention lead our students towards 360-degree growth in academics and personal grooming.

Global Exposure

Exposing students to different cultures, and building a deeper understanding of how international communication works through international university collaboration or student exchange programs prepares them to work in any MNC format or go to any part of the world with full confidence.

Networking Opportunities

From our own in-house career cell and alumni associations to industry reach programs and active participation in local networking events and digital networking platforms like LinkedIn, we help students imbibe networking as their daily routine to gain access to more opportunities.

Career Preparation

We focus on sound academic delivery and supplement it with employability enhancement programs (EEP) where language skills, soft skills, and relevant technical skills of students are developed. We prepare students extensively to help them bag the most suitable career opportunities.

Our Courses


Get ready to embark on a rewarding career in the dynamic world of business with the best Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Ahmedabad

Our BBA program gets you ready for the corporate landscape. With knowledge and skills gained via the comprehensive curriculum and industry-focused projects, you are able to stand out in the competitive business landscape.

  • Practical learning
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Tailored Specialization
  • Career Support


Embrace the world of technology and its limitless possibilities with the best Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program in Ahmedabad

Our BCA program prepares you for the IT and web development world. With hands-on training and integrated theoretical knowledge, you are ready to excel in the rapidly evolving field of computer science.

  • Practical Application
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Tailored Specialization
  • Career Support

Our Collaborations and Recognitions





Employability Enhancement Program (EEP)

Our extensive EEP program is designed to develop advanced communication skills, soft skills, emotional quotient, technical savviness and domain-specific skills in students. These skills are highly demanded by the corporate world and are necessary to meet career objectives.

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